In the following, please specify the individual genetic linkage maps and their associated weights. Each individual genetic linkage map consists of linkage groups from the same mapping population. The format of those input maps are described in details on the help page as well as the download page. The weight reflects the user's confidence in the quality of the corresponding input map. The higher the weight is, the more accurate the corresponding input map is supposed to be, and less likely that markers will be deleted from the corresponding input map in order to resolve conflicts. MergeMap can handle an arbitrary number of input maps. Just click on the "Add one more individual genetic map" to include more maps in the analysis. You can also click on the "Remove the last individual genetic map" to remove the lastly added input map.

Step 1: Specify the individual genetic linkage maps and their weights

Please refer to help for details on how to format the input files. As an example, please refer to sample.txt.

Individual Map 1:     Weight

Individual Map 2:     Weight

Step 2: Receive output:

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