Welcome to MergeMap Online

MergeMap is a software tool that is capable of constructing accurate consensus genetic maps from a set of individual genetic maps. The input to MergeMap, a set of individual maps, are first converted to DAGs internally, which are then merged into a consensus graph on the basis of shared vertices. Conflicts among the individual maps will be shown as cycles in the consensus graph. MergeMap then tries to resovle conflicts by deleting a minimum set of marker occurrences. The details about the conflicts as well the decision by MergeMap are shown to the user graphically. The result of this conflict-resolution step is a consensus DAG, which will be simplified and then linearized to produce the final consensus map. The consensus map is in the same format as the input genetic maps.

This web-server hosts the online version of MergeMap. The user will upload the individual genetic maps throught the web-interface. The result will be emailed back to the user. The result consists of GIF graphs and the linearized map in the .txt file format. The details are explained on the help page.

MergeMap is supported in part by NSF grant DBI-0321756.