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OligoSpawn is an efficient software for selecting two types of oligos, namely unique and popular oligos, from large unigene databases.

  • Unique oligos each appear (exactly) in one unigene sequence but does not appear (exactly or approximately) in any other. They have applications as gene-specific probes of genomic libraries (such as BAC libraries), PCR primers and for microarrays.
  • Popular oligos each appear (exactly or approximately) in many unigenes, and are useful for economical screening of genomic libraries for gene-bearing clones that carry sequences found in numerous genes.
The software has been used on barley unigenes from the HarvEST database. Unique and popular oligos have been tested on the Morex barley BAC library. Unique oligos generally yield the expected result of just a few BACs each. Popular oligos generally identify 5-20 times as many BACs as unique oligos.

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OligoSpawn is supported in part by
NSF grant DBI-0321756.